Re: Chris Walterson's Q-Tour is uploaded to YouTube

Jay Scheevel

One other thing, Chris. There was some discussion on how plane responds (reflexor, landing etc). When Paul is talking that I was nodding my head, since I have measured his decalage, and what he does for landing and cruise is predictable based on his decalage. Other planes and pilots with different decalage set-ups will tell you different things. This can be confusing if you do not know the decalage of those planes that people are giving you their impressions of.


If you want, Chris, I can do a fairly accurate measurement of your decalage from photos. Let me if you want me to do that prior to your first flight. Be happy to give you whatever insight I can.



Jay  Tri-Q2, N8WQ 160 hours


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Thanks Sam and Chris for this enjoyable tour. Sorry I missed the live version.


Only one comment for Chris right now. I would suggest moving the transponder to the other side of the fuselage. The location of the battery will blank out about 150 degrees of receive and transmit. No way to transmit or receive through copper and lead plates.


Reg Clarke was doing 220+ mph true in his last race to OSH, but he was at 18,000’  They canceled the race before it finished due to weather, so it was never official.







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Subject: [Q-List] Chris Walterson's Q-Tour is uploaded to YouTube


Chris packed a lot of innovations into his four-year build.  Really impressive. Be sure to check it out.

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