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Jay Scheevel

Hi Chris,

No experience with the Seahawker (other than drooling over the design some years ago).

As far as your Q goes, I am sure you were quite careful in setting up your incidence, but I can check for you just to make sure. The plans were not very good in how to maintain that aspect of the build. You have wingtips that are modified, since you have added the horner style, so I will need to do the analysis at the wing root on both wings. Get back a few feet from the end of the wing and take a photo parallel to the wing, the top side. Center the camera view on the wing root and have your site line a foot or so above the wing. Make sure the light is such that I can see the wing-fuselage junction clearly. Then do the same with the canard. Send me the photos offline (jay-at-scheevel-dot-com) and I will have a look at them and get back to you. I did this recently on a project that Sam and Jerry were helping out on. I think that yours will be easier to do.


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Jay---------- Thanks for the transponder antenna note. I'll move it tomorrow.

My airplane is built as close to the plans as possible with the addition of the +1 degree on the canard.

What kind of pictures do you need, and would you like to do the same thing on a Seahawker.?

According to some of the old newsletters it doesn't follow the proper formula for decalage.

Getting the weight back to the tail and will do another W+B soon.
Waiting for my friend to weld up my modified tail wheel.

I tack things in place and he welds them up. I know my week points. Take care----------- Chris

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