Re: Chris Walterson's Q-Tour is uploaded to YouTube


Revanoorerz caught ya over thar in Enid!? 

 The Chinese have been buying up green country acres as far back in the woods as possible and building Pot growing greenhouses like crazy. They don't realize how much electricity it takes and the flags are obvious to see the legal farms from the outlaw ones.   

 I'll be watching the 10 o'clock news tonight to see if your mug is on the screen or not Bruce..  Ggggg.    

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Wonderful video!  I couldn’t be there for virtual!  Had to go to prison!  But that’s another story!
Lots of sharp mods!  Hoping for the best Chris!
You modulated very well Paul!
Bruce and Honey Lamb

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Chris packed a lot of innovations into his four-year build.  Really impressive. Be sure to check it out.

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