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Jim Patillo

Chris my Q200 Taildragger weighs 740 lbs empty and 1340 gross. The cg. is from 41.7 to 47.5, if I remember correctly. Fully loaded, the airplane is at the aft cg. of 47.5. 

Pilot only, 5 gal. header only, no bags, forward cg
Pilot only, with 20 gal. fuel, mid cg.
Pilot and passenger only with 20 gal fuel, mid cg.

Pilot and passenger with full main, full header, 6 gal aux tank and small amount of baggage behind pilot, aft cg.

Hope that helps narrow your issue down. 

N46JP Q200

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Still doing my W&B.  I have most of my hair pulled outand was reading
the Q manual.

  On page 4-3 it shows the sample loading problem. It has the total
weight being 822 and the moment being 36607.7. If you divide the moment
by the weight you get 44.5.  On page 4-4 you can see that puts the CG
back, outside  of the envelope.

  Is is wrong or is it a trick problem?  Take care------------- Chris

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