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Bruce Crain

Approach adding 15 lbs aft carefully. One of our TriQ200 had 9 lbs added way back in the tail. It made the Q almost uncontrollable with two in the cockpit as it wanted to PIO badly!
Bruce Crain
On Jul 17, 2021, at 12:56 PM, Chris Walterson <dkeats@...> wrote:

 Finished the W&B today. I need an extra 15lbs on the tail due to the front end weight. With the 15 lbs the empty weight is 754.

With 160 lb pilot and full header it is at 971 lbs and 42.78

With 160 lb pilot and full header and 1/2 main it is at 1007.8 and 42.7

With 160 lb pilot and full header and main it is at 1055 and 42.86

With 160 lb pilot full header and main and 180 lb passenger it is at 1218.4 and 45.41

Going to compare to the flying airplanes that are in the files section.

By the way, don't refer to your wife and daughter as BALLAST.

Guess I am eating out tonight. Take care---------------- Chris

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