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Jay Scheevel

Removing the passenger or adding the passenger (depending on how you look at it) is the only difference between the last two loading scenarios.
According to my calculations and using 163.4 pounds for the passenger, gives my a FS for the pass/pilot of 61.92" Of course if you are taller, more of the leg weight is farther forward, so the it does vary from passenger to passenger. Since I don’t have independent weights for the gas in each tank. I cannot compute the FS of the two tanks. You will need that for your certification papers.


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Jay and Rich. I think one other variable is the scales I am using. They are certified , but meant to weigh 6,000 lb Otters and they read at
5 lb increments. For the tail wheel, I used a digital bathroom scale, that I calibrated with myself holding various known weights.

Thanks for the input, my "passenger/ daughter" will be pleased with the news, she lost weight.----------- Chris

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