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Hey Jay,

I got in later this afternoon, Sunday. Walked the flight line from Vintage to the homebuilts and the RAFE EZE’s. From there where are you? And nice photo.

Also, on an earlier subject, was anyone in the group lucky enough to have flown on Aluminum Overcast back during the days when everyone was allowed to take a turn flying it?

I was on in in 1998. We met the airplane at Severville TN for the inbound to Terre Haute. I got about 15 minutes logged. I remember Ed & Connie Bolin we’re the pilots & Connie was RT seat. When it came my turn, I remember having read that B-17’s were very heavy on the controls, so I banked it some. Connie asked what I thought I was doing so I told her. She asked if I was a pilot…yup. Then told me to do what I wanted just have it back on heading when done.
Still remember it minute by minute after all these years.

See ya all at the Jay sponsored mtg Wednesday here at AirVenture.

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Lots of Cozy’s and long-eze’s here. I will fly my Q in the homebuilt review to close out the Tuesday air show. Just before 5 pm if anyone is here. Also, our Quickie gathering is 10 to 11 at homebuilders back porch on Wednesday.

On Jul 25, 2021, at 11:35 AM, Bruce Crain <> wrote:

What a wonderful scene Jay! And I’ve gotta feeling some award is going to follow you home! Such a nice Q!Blessings!Bruce and Honey Lamb

On Jul 25, 2021, at 11:03 AM, Richard Kaczmarek 3RD <> wrote:

We seen your plane over in homebuilt camping last night. We also seen what looks like a very nice Dragonfly over at Waupaca Municipal Airport.
Richard & Wendy
On Sun, Jul 25, 2021, 10:57 AM Richard Thomson <> wrote:
Glad you got there ok Jay, enjoy.

Got 2 engine runs done this week, so progress a little.

Have a good time.

Rich T.

On 25/07/2021 16:42, Jay Scheevel wrote:
Hi All,
Beautiful morning while camping with my Q in Homebuilt camping at Oshkosh. Wish you were here.

Tri-Q2, N8WQ 165 hours

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