Flight Report

Mike Dwyer

Had a nice flight today.  Was 10K gusting to 16 on takeoff but right down the runway so that's great.  Lots of puffy clouds to probably 7000 feet.  Of course I never got close to the clouds.  Played the "get between the clouds and the sun and you'll see the shadow of your plane circled in a rainbow" game.  The Tampa class B limits us to 6000 feet so we climbed to around 4000 and flew around the clouds.  It was sprinkling to the north and west but we didn't go into the rain.  ADS-B was showing the rain nicely tho.  I love having weather info in the cockpit!  Went up, went down, and circled around.  Hey, that sounds like a line from Dr Seuss.

Check out my flight path.  
Mike Dwyer

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