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Sam Hoskins

Here's my flight report for today.

First flight since the spring fling.
Flew to Perryville for gas, probably took 15 minutes. Did a right and left 360 on the way. Winds were calm, so of course I was fast on touchdown.

Got gas.

Flew back. Squelch on my ICOM IC-A210 is broke and I have to send it in for fixin'.

I need to fly more.


On Tue, Aug 3, 2021, 10:41 AM Paul Fisher <rv7a.n18pf@...> wrote:
I've had enough excitement in my life, I like boring flights!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day today.  Not a cloud in the sky, no haze, no smoke (the exact opposite of Jay's report departing Oshkosh!), no wind and temperature in the 60s.  Just a little light fog over the Mississippi to add to the beauty.  The corn and beans are doing well so everything as far as the eye can see was green.  I cruised around at 3000 (~2300 AGL) and it was as smooth as glass.  Not at all what you would expect in August in the midwest!

I didn't have anywhere in particular to go, so I just wandered around for 1.2 hours.  For a while I watched a crop duster working well below me spraying a corn field.  It's a different perspective watching from the top!

At some point I decided I should land and get on with my day.  Actually that took a bout of arguing in my head - I still had gas, why land?!?  But I headed back anyway.

Upon returning, the temperature had gone up to 72, and the winds increased to all of 4mph!  So the argument about landing came up again.  But again landing won out.

I had a totally stable approach, exactly on airspeed the whole time.  I'd like to say I always do that.  I don't, but I'd like to say I did!  Finished with a nice smooth landing and no bouncing.  A gentle taxi back to the hangar completed my nice boring flight. 

Everything worked, no one got in my way, and the weather was perfect.  What a great time!

Now I suppose I should get at whatever it was that made me think I had to land!!


Paul Fisher
Q-200 N17PF - 1,745 hours over almost 31 years

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