Re: Pics/Diagrams of New Panel Question from Mike


Thanks for your response . (I will start a new topic to discuss more)


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Hey Mike,

I don't have great pics or diagrams yet.  My avionics guy has had a couple of delays.  One was a new baby and, before that, he had to quarantine for testing positive for Covid.  He is back now and has mounted my Vertical Power unit, the Garmin GTR 20 remote comm, and my OAT probe.  He has all the wiring and harnesses complete so I am hoping progress speeds up soon.  He has the ability to cut the panel himself but I haven't seen a diagram just yet.  Once we know where everything will be mounted he will update the wiring diagram.

Off topic but do you have any pictures or diagrams for your new panel ?
Thinking for the future 


Mike Neidenthal 


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