Re: Crazy OSH departures on Saturday

Jay Scheevel

Right, Vern. I have twice as many wings…for redundancy!  What you cannot see, but you can hear in the controller’s voice, is that we were doing side by side takeoffs from the intersection, (where I was) …AND… simultaneously from the threshold on the north end of 18. This is why you hear him occasionally say “…you have traffic coming up behind you!” in an insistent voice once he has cleared an intersection takeoff!





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So.. at 2:57 in the video is a bit unusual aircraft just off the runway.. any idea what?  😉


Thanks Jay.. interesting view of how the task is done.  No frills.. git goin!





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Below is a link to the video of OSH departures right after the field went VFR at noon on Saturday. Gives you a good feel for the pace of things, and also you can see how poor the visibility was. Just barely VFR. My takeoff is shown starting at 2:50 or so.




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