Re: Crazy OSH departures on Saturday

Jay Scheevel

Hi Vern,

Just about as far west as you can be and still be in Colorado. Mailing address is Grand Junction, but plane is at Mack Mesa, 10CO, ten miles from Utah.


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 Where in the Columbine State are you located, Jay?

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Yes, almost all the way. I was flying west a 10.5K MSL, due south of Cheyenne, WY and I could not see the mountains. I had 3 miles vis, but just barely. The smoke has moved west now and we are IFR most days here in western Colorado now.





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Great video Jay!  Did it stay hazy a long way home?


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Great shot of you.  A bit crazy. J


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Below is a link to the video of OSH departures right after the field went VFR at noon on Saturday. Gives you a good feel for the pace of things, and also you can see how poor the visibility was. Just barely VFR. My takeoff is shown starting at 2:50 or so.





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