Re: High time Remaster engine

Bruce Crain

Whew!  Good thorough check!

On Aug 25, 2021, at 12:42 PM, Dave Dugas via <davedq2@...> wrote:


I discovered, for the second time, a broken wavy spring washer on the rocker shaft assembly. Both times the washers were in 2 pieces, and all the pieces were located. The first time it happened I replaced the broken washer with a used one, and ordered a new set along with the rocker shaft clips. While replacing them today I discovered that one more had broken in one spot, so it was still in one piece. All that I noticed in hindsight when flying while the broken washer was still undiscovered, was a very slight difference in the sound. Barely noticeable. So.... I would recommend that once you get up in hours, replace them and the clips. Cheap insurance as I suspect metal fatigue can eventually occur. All good now with the new parts for another 1000 hours. Hope to see everyone in Enid at the FOD reunion. Dave D...1250 hours.


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