Flight Report N96BJ

Bruce Crain

Say Jay I flew yesterday morning also!  I have been observing my oil temps increasing on my Continental 0200 over a long period of time.  When I first put an Electronic Ignition on with a mag remaining the rpms were lower with respect to the mag when doing a preflight check.  I have been noticing that the mag check lately was increasing the rpms when checked.  Over time the points wear down and increase the timing on a mag.  (there's that moving parts thing with magnetos).
So when I pulled the engine I checked the oil screen and found only a very minimal amount of what looked like paper chewed up into small particles.  No metal showing.  I had cleaned it out only a short number of hours ago and knew that it most likely wasn't the culprit.  I then checked the mag timing an it was showing about 27 btdc.  So I put the electronic mag checker on it and retimed it to 24 btdc.
After remounting the engine I ran it up an had quite a mag drop (200+) with a slight vibration even at 1700 rpm.  I had just cleaned the plugs so I figured it was just oil in the bottom of a cylinder or a speck in the electrode of the spark plugs or a bit of anti seize on an electrode. 
After flying the TriQ 200 I checked the mag and it was smooth and only slowed rpms 100 to 150.  That is fairly normal with electronic ignition and mag combination.
Oh, the flight was a little choppy but there was a cloud east of WDG and I flew under it.  It was nice and cool so I flew around a while with flight following watching me.  Flight following alerted me that a Huey helicopter was on my flight path and was inbound for WDG.  When I "tally hoed" I followed the Huey inbound for a while and then peeled off for some more cool air.  A short time later I headed back to WDG and had a great landing!  All was wonderful!  It's a sweet little bird that is way fun to fly!
Get em done!  You'll be glad you did!
Bruce Crain

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