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Frankenbird Vern

 As much as I wanted to see your Dragonfly I respect that your not pushing beyond limits to make the trip. I am going to attend on Friday morning, but my Wife and I have irons in the fire she needs assist on so I will return on Friday afternoon.

 I have a suppliment idea to my fantastic Social Security and Boeing pension I'd like to run past you guys. (not seriously but it DID cross my mind yesterday)  

  We go to a monthly auction first Saturday of each month East of Tulsa where there is usually a lot of construction material available. Sometimes new..sometimes just a pile of hacks. It's an auction. Been going to them most of my life.  

 To finish out my 40X25 hangar & shop I need OSB sheets. So the prices here in Oklahoma lately have been about $16 and sometimes as low as $12..for example at Lowes. 

 Auctioneer gets the crowd up to $12 in a hurry for a stack of 13 sheets..and they are decent and usable but NOT store perfect either.  Surprised me but then the real shocker arrived. sale was at $17.50 per sheet!!  The guy was genuinely smiling as if he just hit the Powerball lotto, or maybe he "just be hatin" on them Benjamins in his bank account?? 

 Same thing on several other items.  I'm convinced it is something in the water they are drinking over there in Tulsa and points East of the city. 

 Maybe next month I'll just buy a dozen pallets of OSB, beat them up a bit and profit $5.50 a sheet just by taking them to the auction. Sounds like a good plan but as we all plans of mice and men..

 It's a strange world being a retired aerospace geezer.  See you in a couple of weeks.  


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I had hoped to have the 3rd reconstruction of my 950 + hrs Dragonfly done in time, but that is not happening right now. I did taxi it a short bit.

I will be making my way to Az next week to get ready for the fly-in.

One Sky Dog

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Field Of Dreams is a little less than 2 weeks out!!  Can't wait to see all of you here in Enid "The Center of The Universe"!!  Here come the URL again if  you need it!
Bruce Crain

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