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Frankenbird Vern

 The scrap workers outside the office would have loved you! All those cardboard boxes, nylon strapping, and styrofoam packing inserts.

 In truth much of this is stuff recycleable. The expanded styrofoam does have scrap value. I built my garage solo in Carson New Mexico from Rastra..which is nothing more than a formed block made from Portland slurry mixed with beaded styrofoam pellets and allowed to green set in a casting tool.  

 Makes an excellent building too! The garage/shop temps stayed above freezing overnite even without added heating to well below zero. I installed pex radiant tubing in the slab which collected heat via solar collector in the day..but because the home was 100% off grid energy demand was designed to be low. Many homes there used papercrete in construction which is cardboard or other paper slurried in and blown on similar to stucco.  

 Here's the link to the fellow that bought my place. He served in Afganistan. 

A Synergistic Group. Our fantastic team of volunteers has members from a wide range of diverse backgrounds: veterans and non-veterans, blog writers, designers, consultants, strategists, and passionate individuals interested in giving back to veterans and protecting the environment.


 It's a good thing Pilots are not evil people..we'd be giving lots of people grief.


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Sounds like a good idea!
You should give it a try, just for an experiment.
Crowd frenzy/behavior has been studied a lot, and exploited often at auctions.

About 10 years ago, when Harbor Freight prices were amazingly low, I had an idea to drop ship their heavy steel items right to US scrap yards, and make a profit.  I weighted H-frame presses, engine hoists, and big socket sets.  It would have worked and I never would have placed a finger on any of it.
Great idea right :) ;).

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