"Field Of Dreams" 2021 Pilot and Camping information.

Bruce Crain

Hello to all!  Just a couple of quick notes for Field Of Dreams!
Pilots-  If you are landing to the north on runway 35 be aware of the old runway joining the new runway at the south end of the field.  There is a bump where they  transition.
You have plenty of runway with the old part.  I have been flying out of here for years and the runway has always been to long.  Which is why it works very well for 1st flights especially in a Quickie.  It is obvious where the new runway butts up against the old runway.  Just fly past the new one and land on the old one.  You will be glad you did especially in a Quickie.
When you land the tower will know where to taxi you.  We are in the new joint use hanger just like the last several years.  Don't be afraid to ask for progressive taxi if you need it.  Friday meal is at the Terminal with "Barnstormers Cafe" Cooking up some great food.  It is easier to eat there and I can watch for incoming aircraft while the rest of you eat.  It is just a  suggestion so no pressure.  It does make it easy and the cafe is a wonderful placed to sit with friends and enjoy the great food!
Campers-  If you are camping, Keston and I worked it out so you can camp beside my hanger on the south east part of WDG.  You are welcome to use the Terminal over night for restrooms and shower facilities.  Get with me when you get here and we will iron out all of the details.  The airport area is super secure so no worries there.
The highs for temps are low 90's and the lows look to be in the mid 60's.  The rain forecast is minimal for the event and the worst is 24% for Friday. The rest of the days look to only be around 10%.  Honey Lamb and I have been praying  for a long time for this event and I hope it holds for us!
Can't wait to see everyone!  We will be the one's smiling at you when you walk up!
Blessing!  And safe flying and driving!
Bruce, Honey Lamb, Imrann and Rachel

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