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Frankenbird Vern

 Rick..the tube spars then would be for a Q2 since Dragonfly design incorporates a "C" profile spar..

 I ask because of the location of my surfaces which I can see some evidence of highly experienced 
workmanship in construction.
  I purchased both the wing and canard of my project mostly in part because quite a few parts were already missing from the Q2 kit I purchased for less than 1K. The good part is all of the paperwork is intact and the shells themselves are in good condition.   

 As for my background.. I began my composites experience back in 1979 at Falcon Jet. The (at the time) new Falcon 50 has carbon fiber control surfaces, and the factory being an MRO so all of us with A&P or IA certificates had to be trained in field repair of this structure. Some of us made the trip to France and carried back the training. I was one of the Lead Mechanics on the line at the time..mostly Falcon 20 and Falcon 50.  

 After Falcon I accepted a stint at Beech back in my birth city of Wichita in 1982 on Starship1 in R&D.  
Quite a challenge that was but the aircraft eventually did begin production. After that I was at Boeing, then back to Beech (as Contractor), Triumph, Nordam, Israel Aerospace (in Israel).. all beginning at Lear working in upholstery and installing interiors. 

 I was Contactor more than half the time in my history. Ended up and I guess still am Manufacturing Engineering.   That was my last job anyway prior to Covid taking out the aircraft industry. 

 I had all the info package for Velocity and owned plans set #34 Cozy.  Just the same, the Tandem Wing has quite a few advantages for experienced pilots. Ramp appeal being one of them!  Looking forward to chatting with fellow owners this weekend in Enid..looks like we're going to have a few rain showers tomorrow and then will be clear and light winds.  Bruce did well with the storm gods being quiet this year.



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Velocity, I believe, has not made any fiberglass parts for them nor has the tooling to do so.
Apart from Velocity I built two canard with carbon fiber tube spars and two sets of main wings.

Sonia (1953-2020) & Rick

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By any chance did they ever build any Dragonfly wing or canard?

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Scott was at Oshkosh this year with his dad and the velocity crew. I stopped by to tell him I finally finished my tri-q. I think I received one of the first two or three tri-q gear kits that he made while at QAC. I also have one of the early “beefy” nose gears he made using  the velocity tooling.


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I retired in October 2016 but each time I am in Sebastian FL I stop by to see the Swings at Velocity.  Scott doesn’t fly the Q200 much.  His son Riley enjoys flying it.

I remember you from that visit.  We had it in a T-hangar.  I saw N1711Q last December all shiny polished in the big hangar on the east side of the airport.

I wouldn’t want to go back to work, but if I were, I’d go back to Velocity and the Swing family.


Rick Hole


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I think you took me down to the hanger to see it when you were wiring it.  Is anybody still flying Scott's Q200?


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This video was taken 10 years ago.  Scott Swing years earlier had sold his Q200 to invest in Velocity.  The second owner had a mishap and decided not to repair.  N1711Q came back to Scott who did the fiberglass repairs.  I did the wiring and built the instrument panel.  The video show the first start after repairs were made.


The video is available for your viewing pleasure at


I just rediscovered this video.  I had forgotten it entirely.


Rick Hole



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