Re: Terry Crouch's Quickie video is uploaded to You Tube!


Great presentation Terry,
Sorry I was unable to watch the show.  I was on an unexpected flight to Philly at the time to ferry a semi home.
And Thanks for showing the Lindy, in case anyone is interested it DID take alot of arm twisting...I think about 10 minutes worth. 
Terry's a pretty humble guy when it comes to things like that.
It's kind of interesting to note that when Terry flew my Quickie it was at a flyin we had at Mattoon, IL
He left the area!  So much so that the engine could no longer be heard.  After a while we began to worry...especially me...that something had happened.
All I could think about was, surely he didn't tear up my airplane?  But low and behold we began to hear that familiar pop pop in the distance.
I found it interesting his commentary about the differences in the two canards.  He may be the only Q1 builder who has actually flown both.
And yes to anyone who has not seen his are in for a treat.  His is a very innovative Quickie.
Lookin forward to seeing the Cozy.

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Thanks Terry.  And thanks for the surprise footage.

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