Re: Quickie Q1 Canard and wing foam cut

Bruce Crain

Hi Bob!  Where are you located?

On Sep 16, 2021, at 10:39 AM, Robert Cringely <bob@...> wrote:

Thanks! I’m using a no-name 680cc aluminum air-cooled V2 diesel to which I am adding a tiny turbocharger and intercooler. What’s changed since you looked is probably direct injection. Engine weight is around 50kg. I’m adding a belt drive from Ace Redrives in India. It’s 1:1 because I don’t need a slower prop but I do need to raise the thrust line and to isolate the prop loads from the mystery metal Chinese crankshaft. I’m probably a year from flying, by which time I will have replaced most of the airframe with vacuum-bagged pre-preg. It’s not carbon or glass — it’s flax fiber, which fits right between e-glass and s-glass in performance, with a little Coremat added for stiffness. 


On Thu, Sep 16, 2021 at 8:16 AM Hot Wings via <> wrote:
What diesel engine are you considering?  I looked at the V-twin Chinese diesels more than a decade ago and discarded the idea as not practical.
There are some interesting marine 2 stroke diesel development projects nearing market introduction that may provide some of us with a 100LL option.

Look up Alan Thayer (sp) in the archives.  He had an LS-1 canard designed using Graphlite rods.Attached is a *.ZIP file of some of his work.  Graphlite is no longer a practical source of carbon rods for us as they are quite unwilling to sell rolled lengths of material.  The Chinese suppliers are willing and at a considerable savings in cost.  Preliminary tests have indicated the quality/strength is as good as the US sourced material.

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