Rough RIVER Rough RIVER Rough RIVER!!!!!

Ryszard Zadow

We’re a week away from the best Canard Fly-In ever!

Rough River Canard Fly-in, September 24 – 26.

Several of us will be there on the 22nd and launching formation sorties that day and through the weekend. Those interested in learning and flying formation are welcome to attend.

Jim Springer will be host a briefing on formation flying and the FFI program on Saturday at 10 am in the airport tent.

The Lodge Restaurant is OPEN but TAKE OUT ONLY! Check the State Park website for more info on Covid restrictions. Outdoors, ie at the airport, there are none!

If the lodge has no rooms try the motel across the road:


Saturday Entertainment in the airport tent:

10 am: Flying Formation and the FFI program: Jim Springer.

4 pm: Annual Meeting/Auction/Door Prizes.

7 pm: Presentation on the RAFE VariViggen progress and it’s Jetguys custom cold air induction!

Long range forecast looks great with clear skies, highs in the low 70’s and lows in the 50’s! Bring a sweatshirt!

Please pass the word to other Canard Groups, but everyone is welcome!

On Friday, September 10, 2021, 08:20:38 AM CDT, Terry Schubert <jschuber@...> wrote:

Hi Ryszard,
That is an excellent idea.  I've done the master switch goof before.  Put me down for $100 in the name of Central States Association toward what tools that are needed  I just need to know who's name goes on it?
Terry Schubert
Central States Association Newsletter Editor Emeritus.

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Ya' know, it recently occurred to me that a 12 volt battery charger of useful amperage (not a small wall wart type trickle charger) might help get someone home.  Anyone who's upgraded to lithium batteries or a modern smart charger have an old regular one cluttering up their hangar?  Forgetting to switch off the battery master is another one of those "there are those who have and those who will" predicaments. 


On 8/23/2021 1:41 PM, Ryszard Zadow wrote:

The "Get You Home" box. Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience is sponsoring a foot locker of spares that might be just what someone needs to get them home. The park has agreed to give us a space to store this box so spares are available year round. So far we have: 
Nose wheel tire and wheel. 
Lamb tire, tube and wheel 
5 inch tire, tube and wheel. 
A couple spare spark plugs. REM-40E and REM-38
We'll also come up with some basic tools. Anyone have other ideas or parts they'd like to contribute please let us know. 

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