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Frankenbird Vern

 I own one of the Chinese diesel generator/welders. I think I've shorted out the powerhead by pushing my luck on a longer weld bead than it could withstand, but the engine is near perfect. Less than 100 hours on the Hobbs.

 One of the thoughts I have had for an alternative engine (for the Q1) is incorporating the Austenitic Cast Iron method that (the late) Pete Plumb had the supply chain worked out for the Pegasus O-100 engine. No Chinese mystery metals.   

 For those not aware..ALL new large Diesel Semi tractor engines, which are compound supercharged and feedback injection controlled (made in the USA) now use this process for all crankshafts with WIDE radii. Along with powdered metal valve seats and high temp (inconel) valves these engines reliably perform well into the 1 million miles plus. With the correct combinations and sources (domestic as much as possible) then such powerplants should be reasonably available. We already know the Briggs Vanguard make an excellent durable racing engine, but of course gasoline fueled. Hmm..  

   My Dad and Grandfather both were talented machinists, both in profession and as sideline income (especially my Grandfather who was a gearhead before we even know what that is). I learned a little from them, NOT at the level they were, but what I did gain was a geeky interest in powerplant metallurgy and engine design. 
 I know..I am weird that don't care a bit about football or baskeball games.  Maybe I am in the right group! 

 The 1.9 VW Turbo Diesel rods are the correct length stock for a 2850cc Corvair. Only the rod bearing diameter is a bit larger. The pistons are a match to the cylinders. Smaller (not performance 2.02") Chevy Small block valves are the correct diameter and stem is the same as Vair (11/32"). I tested this concept by using a decent set of 1963 heads I have. If the chambers were reworked to an indirect Diesel config, the valve stem length fits exactly. 

 I have a new in the box pickled Bosch indirect injection 6 cylinder pump.  No carb ice if there is no carb.

  I ran an 1981 VW Rabbit diesel Caddy (small truck) that I inserted a later 1.9 Turbo D. I drove that lil truck all over the States for a decade on Straight Vegetable Oil, mostly based in New Mexico. I drove that same VW to and from Everett and Taos County several times at a cost of about $25 ($31.50 if you included the McD's Happy meal purchased in Provo).  That 1.9 TD (non electronic) in a lightweight truck ran up the pass in Utah, Orgeon, and Washington without any effort.  By tuning down the injection (very easy to do) my fuel consumption would be at or just under 60 mpg. 

 I start up and shut down on Bio-D (which I made in my shop when I was home). One refuel required from Everett to Taos.... and my fuel was from Albertsons or Krogers (gallon bottle of cheepo veggie oil). I'd leave the truck running, lock the doors, and folks around the truck would get the munchies because it smelled exactly french fries cooking. Added HHO injection too, and that made a big difference in the 1.9L D.   No terrible diesel smoke or smell.  HHO made it run near zero idle knock. Done a bit of experimenting with HHO. Interesting stuff.  

 You see what kind of mad scientist will build a Frankenbird and intends to FLY in it?    

My wife hated the air conditioning. Of all places the white rabbit truck (with pink colored eyes!) now lives in Orlando Florida.       


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That’s one more coincidence. I knew Leeon Davis and his family in Midland TX, and Stanley Davis, Leeon’s brother, is the one who taught me to fly. I love that little boxy DA-2. It got more sleek as it evolved into the DA-5, which Leeon had plans get manufactured as a trainer, but alas, that never happened.  You should come to Enid this weekend, we probably would have a lot to talk about.





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I wasn’t aware of that. I also have a Davis DA-2A. 


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Wow Bob,


You and Keith W. are like twins! Each of you with a T-18 and a Q1. What are the odds of that, I wonder?





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I'm in Santa Rosa, CA but we are hoping to move shortly to escape the fires (we lost our home in 2017) so airplane progress is halting at best. Hopefully we'll end up near San Luis Obispo on the central coast where I have a flying job (I commute in my Thorp T-18).




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Hi Bob!  Where are you located?



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Thanks! I’m using a no-name 680cc aluminum air-cooled V2 diesel to which I am adding a tiny turbocharger and intercooler. What’s changed since you looked is probably direct injection. Engine weight is around 50kg. I’m adding a belt drive from Ace Redrives in India. It’s 1:1 because I don’t need a slower prop but I do need to raise the thrust line and to isolate the prop loads from the mystery metal Chinese crankshaft. I’m probably a year from flying, by which time I will have replaced most of the airframe with vacuum-bagged pre-preg. It’s not carbon or glass — it’s flax fiber, which fits right between e-glass and s-glass in performance, with a little Coremat added for stiffness. 




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What diesel engine are you considering?  I looked at the V-twin Chinese diesels more than a decade ago and discarded the idea as not practical.
There are some interesting marine 2 stroke diesel development projects nearing market introduction that may provide some of us with a 100LL option.

Look up Alan Thayer (sp) in the archives.  He had an LS-1 canard designed using Graphlite rods.Attached is a *.ZIP file of some of his work.  Graphlite is no longer a practical source of carbon rods for us as they are quite unwilling to sell rolled lengths of material.  The Chinese suppliers are willing and at a considerable savings in cost.  Preliminary tests have indicated the quality/strength is as good as the US sourced material.


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