Re: Vance Bash!

One Sky Dog


We ran into the dry line 150 miles before Roswell mild turbulence and sinking air kept us below 7k. We ran up against SIGMET at Demming, NM.

We stopped for the night, weather looks good this morning. Should be a easy cruise along I-10 to home.

Stay well!

Charlie “One Sky Dog”

On Sunday, September 19, 2021, 6:53 PM, JMasal via <JMasal@...> wrote:

Thanks all y'all For photos and safe arrival home reports.It was another SAFE event (that me and my second-in -command
missed to avert any risk to ol Covid 19,17,64r and etc. Glad to speak to you reprobates by video thanks to HoneyLamb.
Return WX westbound seemed uneasy... wonder about the groundspeed on that Tri-Pacer??? Mebbe they'll be home
next week??

The King Quicker

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