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Thought I'd send along another group of photos for ya'lls enjoyment....maybe
They're pretty much made up of the field trip to the town with the funny name where Dave's plane was except there was no town in site.
Dave was a very good sport considering the stress he was under.  We all worked well together toward a common goal.
No doubt the highlight of my trip.
The last photo is the what greeted me through much of IL.  I wondered why Sullivan, MO was calling for IFR when every where else was VFR.
Well.....I found out when I got there.  I did wait until it went VFR to traverse that area and ended up scud running in mist at 1200' for a few miles.
Flying that low in unfamiliar terrain one keeps an eagle on the map for tower locations.
The clouds were quickly coming up to my altitude, 7500', so thought I'd just run below...bad decision!  So punched back up at first chance.
Should have stayed where I was.
My trip from Terre Haute, IN consisted of 1378 statue miles more or less, 75.3 gallons and 9.4 hrs on the airplane (Thorp T18) with an avg fuel burn of 8.01gph and 18.3 mpg.
The fuel cost per hour came in at about $5.95 
Thanks again to everyone who were able to attend and especially to Bruce and Joanne.
Thank you

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I too made it home about 12:30.
Nice tail wind first leg. Great tailwind second leg.
That means a crosswind at home. Managed that too.

Thanks to B,J for their hospitality again!
6.2 hours to Enid. 4.7 hours home.
Both ways, the last hour and a half was fairly rough air. No hill for a climber though!

Hope to see everyone next year!


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