Another flight report

Sam Hoskins

So, I might as well throw my flight report in. In these times of COVID we want to maintain social distancing so I decided to just make it a day trip to the FOD. The trip from Southern Illinois Airport, KMDH, to KWDG is 417 nautical miles. I left Carbondale right before the tower opened and flew for about half an hour on top of some broken low-lying fog.   I had updated my Garmin 196 database day before, but when I got to the airport I was dismayed to find that Oklahoma was not in it. Since I last updated the database, they split the USA into two halves. Carbondale is on the right side and Enid was in the wrong side.  So I just used Avare on my tablet which was fine. It was nice and smooth and I used flight following so Sandy could follow my progress. It was a good trip. Two hours and 45 minutes. Bruce said he was following me on FlightAware I said I was doing about 200 miles an hour.   My Dynon was showing 180 mph TAS.

I made it to Enid just in time to say hello and then goodbye to Dave Dugas and the rest of his pit crew.

It was nice hanging around with the remainder of the group and a nice pizza was served up by Honey Lamb. I also was awarded a nifty little trophy for the High Time Quickie. I'm showing 2,080 hours right now.

I departed a little before 3:00, it was quite a bit bumpier than the arrival trip. You can see looking on FlightAware (N202SH) the morning flight was a lot straighter than the bumpy afternoon flight. You can also tell that I don't have an autopilot. The  headwind was about on my nose, so I was only making about 150 kts. groundspeed, sometimes worse.

About 80 miles out, I flew directly over the Pauhuska H76 airport at 5,500 feet,  I could see Dave's yellow truck still in front of the hanger. This was about 3:30 in the afternoon.

My engine is producing some noise over the radio, which made it challenging to pick up all the frequencies that ATC was giving me. I'll have to work on that one,  it might have something to do with my electronic ignition.

Further along, there were some beautiful cumulus, making the ride very very pretty. Enid to Carbondale landed at the 3-hour mark. The runway next to our T-hangers sure looks skinny compared to the Enid runway.

So it was a good day with almost six hours of flying  and I was rewarded with a beautiful wife and an adult beverage.

About 9:00 the next morning, I got a call from Dave dugas, and he was in Dayton Ohio already! Turns out he drove most of the night, with just a 2-hour nap in there somewhere. What a madman.

Thanks again to Bruce and Joanne you guys did a great job as usual. I wonder who's going to take care of it next year?

Sam Hoskins

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