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Terry Crouch

Thanks Charlie,

Nice of you to host that fly in. That was a very memorable day for me also. Probably the first time I had seen a Quickie fly other than OSH. 

The orange cylinder is the reservoir for the variometer, on occasion I can get double or triple the normal climb rate if the thermals are strong. If you aren't a glider pilot this might not make any sense. The aux tank goes behind the seat.

Terry Crouch
Quickie N14TC  

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The video was great to watch. Really helps the juices flow for me. Lots of memories. Thanks for all involved, but especially Terry.

I looked it up. It was June 13, 1987, 96 Deg F, when you flew the C-150 up here for our little gathering. Flying with you and Dean in his Quickie was certainly one of those highlights as it was early in my flying. You have so far exceeding making the best use of the Quickie design and all of your improvements. If I could remember 10% of what you have taught me over the years I would be far ahead. 

Is the orange cylinder under the front fuselage cover your fuel reserve tank?

1000+ hours, fantastic!!
Keep the blue side up.

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