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The 296 is why I now have the 660.
It would not update and the date was 1999.
I called Garmin, was told that series of GPS’s (196/296) have gone further into the future than expected and is why the dates did not roll over.
He hooked up to mine and it did update but not the date. With only 9 days left in the cycle he just let me have the update.

However, he told me he couldn’t guarantee it would take one or more updates but eventually it would be an expensive paper weight. I see ‘‘em advertised on eBay for $200 sooooo. I think off it’ll go.

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Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2021 15:05:49 -0500

I have the 660 and love it! It connects to my “True Track auto pilot. I haven’t had it long enough to figure everything out yet but it works great and the battery lasts a long time even tho I have it wired into the ac electric system. It is in my RV 6 but I’ll almost bet I will have one in my TriQ as my current one is the old Garmin 296.Bruce

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To you Sam H,You might remember that we talked briefly about your GPS while at the fuel pump in Enid the other day?Well...the Aera 660 is nearly identical in dimension to the 196 that you have and at a fraction of the depth.Thought you might like to know.Keith

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