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Nope!  Although that’s true but I meant who named our event “Field Of Dreams”?  Terry Sickler coined the phrase “Ottowow” back when we were in Ottawa, KS.  Sooo keep digging!

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We even had “Shoeless Dave” McConahy (he flies without his shoes).


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Field of Dreams, a movie starring Kevin Costner.  

“If you build it, they will come!”

Sonia (1953-2020) & Rick


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Howdy all from balmy Oklahoma!

Field Of Dreams is "in the book"!  Trivia question, where did the Field Of Dreams title come from?  Quickies for $200!  


Over all we had 11 States represented NM, AZ, IA, IN, MASS, CA, OK, CO,IL, KS, UT!

6 Q's with 3-TriQ 200. 2-Q2, 1-Q200.

9-Other planes

Total planes-15


A total of 29 people attended the event!


We always learn something when at FOD and this year it was a learning experience for a group of Q-Bees who drove to Pawhuska, OK to help Dave Dugas load his Q2 into a large box truck and send him off to Orange, Massachusetts to rebuild a couple of things.  He will need a new engine and repair to the bottom of the belly.  We are pulling for him to get it done and continue enjoying his Oshkosh winner.  Dave had his engine blow up but put it down in professional style on the Pawhuska runway.  No one could have done it any better.  When I caught up with him, to bring him back to Enid, we both surmised that Jesus was instrumental in protecting him.  Thank You Jesus for letting us keep Dave!

And that's how the event started!  


While I was gone helping Dave, Honey Lamb welcomed Jon Finley and his RV 4, Charlie Johnson and his Friend David Bramlett in Charlie's Tri Pacer with lots of luggage etc.  Then Kevin Boddicker arrived in his TriQ200 to our wonderful surprise!  Keith Welsh flew in his Thorp T18 for his 1st and longest cross country trip and Rodney Herzig brought his beautiful Cozy 3!  Dave Dugas and I arrived in my Trusty RV6.  Phil Langford (CA) drove in with Jon Hoxie(NM).  Al Spratford, a Dragon Fly builder from Colorado Springs arrived and met us at Enid Brewery for supper.  We sang happy birthday to Honey Lamb at supper!  (She still looks 18)!  The group then was welcomed into our home for more fun and fellowship!  Phil Langford showed videos of old Ottawa Field of Dreams as well as Springfield.  It was fun seeing our younger skinnier tighter skinned selves.


Friday morning we gathered for breakfast at the hotel.  After much more jocularity we moved to the airport to welcome Friday arrivals.  Vern Lehman from Manford, OK is building a "Frankenbird" Q/Dragonfly derivative.  Sam Kittle drove his hot rod Challenger.  Sam is flying his Luscombe and building his Q200 in Angels Camp, CA.

Jay Scheevel made his 2nd appearance in his highly modified TriQ 200+ from Grand Junction, CO.  We had a delicious lunch at Barnstormers on the field.  We later threw down a few steaks at Cherokee Land and Cattle Company.  We helped Dave Dugas with his plans to obtain a truck and tie downs etc for his trip back home.

After supper people departed for the hotel and Honey Lamb and I got all "gussied up" for the Vance Air force 80th Celebration and Dance with a 1940's theme!

Everyone was very tired after a big day.


Saturday morning after breakfast at the hotel, we moved our planes into the joint use hanger (where the Vance 80th anniversary celebration happened the night before).  Keston gave us free hanger rent for improvising for the Vance 80th celebration.  Sammy Hoskins flew in from Carbondale, IL in his fast, fast Q200.  I clocked him on Flight Aware at 210 mph!  Dave McConahy flew over in his Q2 from Okmulgee, OK (how would you pronounce that big bads)?!  I (Bruce) gave Sam Kittle a little time in my TriQ 200 before we arrived at the join use hanger.  I think Sam is getting close to 1st flight in his Q200!  Greg and Stephanie Garee flew in there Cozy 3 from Tulsa, OK along with their friend,  Greg Hale,  in his RV 10 and passenger Lyle Monkey.  We had Arlene Martinez, Brian Martinez widow and their son Sten Martinez and his daughter stop by for awhile from OKC!  Phil Langford now owns Brian's Q200!  They had a great time connecting. We sent Dave Dugas and loading crew off to Pawhuska to load the Q2.  They were loaded with lots of tie downs, tires, pillows, etc.   Gerry Lynn Fore, Enid, OK ,came by with pictures of past Ottawa fly in times.  Everyone looked sooo young and it was one of the largest Q/Dfly events in history 1995!  Mike Shuck of Wichita, KS drove down to see everyone.  He presented a talk on airfoils last year.  My buddies Gene Martin- Lancair and Mike Porter-RV6 also brought their planes around and joined us for a while.  Ken Girty also from Enid stopped by for a while.

Jay was able to fix Dave McConahy's coax  after we had reviewed the light signals syllabus.  His radio worked fine for taxi and take off. A group picture was taken to commemorate the event.  We then departed for Blaze's BBQ and the banquet.  Jay and I sang a song that Jay had written in the style of Johnny Cash about "Builder Prison Blues".  It was a scream and everyone wants CD's.  We will send the video in another e-mail.


Awards were given out by myself at first and then I turned it over to Honey Lamb.  Mary Masal had awards several years ago and stole the show.  So I figured maybe Honey Lamb could do the same.  She didn't know she was going to MC but she was funny and gave out great hugs.  I had to "tap out" Kevin Boddicker as he was just enjoying it to much!  

Best of Show- Rodney Herzig Cozy 3

Best cockpit-  Keith Welsh - Thorpe T18

Best Modifications- Jay Scheevel  TriQ200+ (Jabiru Engine)

Best Q/DFly- Kevin Boddicker TriQ200

High Time- Sammy Hoskins Q200 2000+ hours

Red Badge Of Courage-  Dave Dugas- Q2  Engine issue


Afterwards we retired to Crain's for Braum's ice cream and fellowship.  We did a Facetime call with Jim Masal as he was very disappointed he couldn't join us due to Covid.  Everyone loves seeing Jimmey! He can wire bush on the phone!  Farewells were said and everyone scattered until next year!


Sunday morning weather was severe clear and everyone was able to leave by 8:30 am.  We really enjoyed hosting and seeing everyone!!

2022 location pending.  Will let you know.  Keep building, flying, and maintaining!


Bruce and Honey Lamb








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