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Bruce Crain

Quick start only Keith so I went online and had my 660 in hand and worked at understanding it.  I also took the 660 outside with it plugged into the AC adapter so I could get satelites and practice using it.  I also installed it and coupled it to the Trutrak auto pilot (in my RV6) so I had to get the NMEA to talk with the same baud rate as the 660.
I also have the 296 (inn my TRiQ) and am wondering if I can just use the same 660 with my Trio EZ pilot in my TriQ200.  I think the TriQ can be programed to talk with the 660 instead of the other way around.  The Trutrak talks in 9600 baud rate to if the Trio EZ will talk with the same baud rate I will be able to use it.  It quick disconnects from the harness I wired into the RV so it should be a piece of cake to set them up.  I hope.  Then all I need is an extra hard wire harness to put in the TriQ200

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Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2021 22:36:07 GMT

Hey Bruce,
Did your 660 come with only a quick start guide?
Mine did.  Frustrated, I went to the Garmin web site and found a Pilot Manual which is 252 pages.  So I called Garmin and was told they no longer supply the manuals in paper form since everyone has a means to download ‘‘em now a days.
I guess they don’t make enough money to justify printing them.  Instead of having a handy reference manual now I’ll have a folder of 8-1/2x11 sheets.  

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