Re: Removing Engine with Tail Off - Support Recommendations

Jim Patillo


I raise the tail high enough to get support under the main part of the fuselage. Then brace the engine just behind the prop. Then remove the tail. This works and will allow you to work inside the cockpit as well without fear of tipping over onto the engine. Looks like you are doing about the same.Hope all is well with you.



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I think this will be the 7th or 8th time for me to take off the engine.  My avionics guy needs to get to the alternator.  In the past, it was a normal process and all I needed was the engine hoist.  However, this time the tail is off so I am currently supporting the fuselage by resting it on a short table while the engine stand supports the front from tipping forward.

How would you guys recommend me supporting the fuselage while removing the engine without the tail on?  Should I simply just put the tailback on for the meantime and remove it again once the engine is back on?


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