Re: Removing Engine with Tail Off - Support Recommendations

Richard Thomson

   Hey Corbin, whats the matter with the Alternator, what one have you got.

    Just fit the cone, its a 5 minute job.


Rich T.

On 23/09/2021 16:33, Corbin via wrote:
I think this will be the 7th or 8th time for me to take off the engine.  My avionics guy needs to get to the alternator.  In the past, it was a normal process and all I needed was the engine hoist.  However, this time the tail is off so I am currently supporting the fuselage by resting it on a short table while the engine stand supports the front from tipping forward.

How would you guys recommend me supporting the fuselage while removing the engine without the tail on?  Should I simply just put the tailback on for the meantime and remove it again once the engine is back on?


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