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Bruce Crain

I assume the 496 power cord is the same as the 296.  If so the 660 is a total different animal.  But with only 3 wires to hook up it is a piece of cake.

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When I bought my Trio, I understood the baud rate works from 4800 to 9600 Baud. I have a 496 and it has worked fine with the Trio.
I am planning to switch to the 660. My question is, is the power harness the same and can I use my 496-power cord to hook up to the 660, or is it a different connection?


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I spoke with Trio and the guy said the back d rate in the Trio will look at the baud rate of the gps and automatically go to that baud rate if my unit is new enough.  If not he said I could send it in and they could change it for me.  It’s just a firm ware thing. 
So I can use and drive the two different auto pilots with the same Aera 660 gps.  I just need a hard wire harness and the 3 wires hooked up to gps signal, positive and ground.
No reason to wait if the 296 is quickly becoming obsolete.

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I just checked in manual and the Trio EZ communicate at 4800 baud rate.

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