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Frankenbird Vern

I was on the ramp in Enid just as Dave walked in (still a bit pale). He told me what happened and where, and since I am an Oky not 50 miles from Pawhuska I can vouch that Green Country of Eastern Oklahoma is not an easy location to find a good off field. Lots of large oak trees, stony hills, so not many choices. Had Dave not practiced hours in his bird, the outcome would not been as it was. He told me he had "everything in the breeze" to get her slowed down, being too high on final. Still couldn't get her down until after half the asphalt was behind him! I made the decision on the spot for sure the Frankenbird will have the belly speed brake. And my 40 hours required test area based out of Cushing airport. FLAT..big runways and no trees to speak of and about 30 miles from my homestead. EAA Arlington in 2012 offered a seminar by pilots who experienced in flight emergency of one kind or another..mostly in the Seattle area. I was really impressed at each presenter. One speaker had three rather scary I remember. Dave will have to say his engine choice but talk at the table, Jim, was on the 2300 Rev Master. Not a bolt on but a workable mod with not too much cowl revision. Charlie had a good point on VW automotive vs aviation heads, and RevMaster did the engineering to throw off the heat effectively. 

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Hi Dave,

I thought I would wait until the dust settled but you did an admirable job saving the airframe. Thats one of the reasons I don't like taking long trips and possibly stranded several states away from home. Did you have to clean the seats? Ha Ha. I've been there and done that and it was very scary. I dead sticked into Livermore a few years ago during one of our airshows. It puckered my butt real good. Are you putting a Revmaster back in it or exploring options?

Dave I wish you a quick return to service. Sorry to hear about your mishap.


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