Re: Changes to fuel system for fuel injection

Sam Hoskins


I have a fuel injector mounted on each intake tube. Here is path each drop of fuel takes:

Header>aft, behind pilot>Walbro fuel pump>10 micron high pressure filter>forward, out to firewall>Injectors>Back aft through firewall>Pressure regulator>header tank.

I use the plans setup for transferring fuel from the main tank to the header. Same with the Q-200 ram air vent tube. Look in my photos in the Q-list for a schematic before I installed the fuel injection.  Look in my blog for photos of the engine and other fuel injection components.

Here is something to think about. Any leak in a connector, or hose connection, will spray 40 psi fuel into the engine compartment. But, so far, so good.


On Mon, Sep 27, 2021 at 4:47 PM ryan goodman via <> wrote:
For those running fuel injection in their Q2s, how did you end up setting up your fuel tanks, lines, vents, returns for the change. Toying with a few ideas but curious if anyone else has gone down this road. Essentially we're trying to eliminate the use of the header tank as a header tank and either integrate it into one single storage solution with the main tank or setup as two separate tanks with a selector. Open to thoughts and criticism here. 

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