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Jay Scheevel

If flapperons qualify as flaps, then flappervators should also. I essentially use my elevator trim as flaps when setting up for landing. I would be curious to see what their regulatory response is, if you propose that elevators are also flaps.


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Brent----------- If I use the fuselage in my calculations, along with my extended wing and canard I am a bit under the high performance rating. If they don't accept this, I would think I would be in line for a good fine. It seems that I have 900 hrs in high performance airplanes over the last thirty years, and Transport Canada certified both planes.

It seemed to me, at the time, transport Canada recognized the elevators as flaps.

My dragonfly will stall slower than a 150 Cessna, but is considered too hot to handle.

I think I am okay using the fuselage. I'll keep you
posted.------------- Chris

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