Re: inspection

Brent Sherstan

You guys might all be right, and there may be valid arguments to attempting to persuade Transport Canada, but to me that seems like a lot more work and headache than just getting the High Performance Rating. 

Chris, you have to go through a fly off period anyway right? Well that will essentially be the same process as getting the High Performance Rating. You submit the Letter of Intent, ground and air training plans, then simply get comfortable in your airplane. Then you call the inspector to come watch you do three circuits and you're done.

I see the High Performance Rating as another small hurdle that YOU get to overcome (you do the work and you're done), versus attempting to change Transport Canada's mind and waiting for work that THEY have to do. We all know how government organizations work, who knows how long you could be waiting? If you're ready to fly and want to get on with it, I think the High Performance Rating is the fastest way forward. But that's just my take on it.

I'd be happy to send you everything I submitted, you could change all the pertinent details about you and your aircraft but the majority of the work should be relaitively similar. I didn't mind putting the air and ground training plan together because I viewed it as an oppourtunity to get to know the airplane better and make sure I've covered everything. But since you built your airplane, you don't exactly need the refresher. Send me your email and I'll forward everything I've got.

And to Vern's comment, I agree that the EAA Flight Test Manual is fantastic, I'm glad they're moving in that direction. Chris, if you haven't looked at it, I highly recommend it.


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