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I am aware of the Phase 1 requirements depending on powerplant. Indeed, with the usual suspects 25 hours is the requirement. This why in part I will not claim the aircraft as either a Rutan Q2 nor Dragonfly. Actually the certification is named by the builders name. In my case it would be a Lehman Frankenbird powered by a 2.8L Corvair 6 cylinder. The powerplant data plate for serial number will be that same as the conversion manual I own from William Wynne, via FlyCorvair. Both of my aircraft equipped with converted Corvair 2.8L. I have two Manuals with separate build documents. Of course my Phase 1 must be a minimum 40 hours as regulations now stand. It is my intention to follow the EAA Manual for both aircraft. 

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I had informed my PAI about my intent to build a quickie 2 seater. He shared that he is an experimental enthusiast himself and would help me with my inspection, airworthiness paperwork requests etc. He also offered to be the one to come look at my plane when I hit that point. In talking to him, the quickie was almost a light sport aircraft here, with the exception of its high top speed rated with the O200 I was intending to install. The regulations Vern was mentioning, one of which is in place. (If you use a certified aircraft engine IE the O200...... you do not need to fly 40hrs for your cert.  It is reduced to 20-25 hrs. 

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