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IFR.. I follow roads. I agree tho..them hills have pointy rocks on top of them too!  Airplane eaters!

 I-90 East of Seattle is more than one type of freeway..the aircraft fly the same rules as ground machines (but no stop lights or stop signs).  Abbotsford gets a lot of traffic to and from, and there are a lot of Maple Leaf symbols on the aircraft in Arlington every year. Half of BC is shopping at the Tulalip Factory Outlet each weekend. Sales tax is quite a bit lower in the States.   

 I've not flown to the border, so it an experience I've not done as a pilot. Last time I was in that area I did fly quite a bit from Paine Field and some from Arlington..but since I am VFR rated only, the time I could do so was limited. It was difficult to keep my rental agreement current for hours each month.  Being M.E. Lead for Cargo sections on 747-8 program also ment I spent a lot of time flying a desk!!!   

  Agent tells me my next gig there likely starts on the 8th of October. Have not been told yet what exactly we are being tasked to do but I already know the loads will be high. The Frankenbird and Capella are both safe in the temp storage unit. I moved them last week. While in Washington State I have a very well trusted construction Contactor who will complete my Hanger/Shop.  Over the holidays I should be back to Oklahoma and can return both projects into their respective places in the Shop.  48'X20'   

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Hey Vern,


There’s some really big hills between Brent (in Calgary) and Arlington. 😊





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Howdy Brent.. So when the time comes your travelling in the Q and if you happen to attend Arlington EAA when I am there (I expect to be in that area soon on an aviation job) I'll treat you to a decent meal and you'll have a local to assist in your visit. EAA 

Arlington is on my list to attend when I am in the area.   


 Vern Lehman

Mannford Oklahoma (my home base) 


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