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Bruce Crain

Brent perhaps the last guy to fly it was experimenting with the VG's?  You might put tuft of yarn on the surface of the canard (nothing on the leading edge tho) and also the elevator.  When I fly my TriQ200 the elevator has the tufts doing some strange things in cruise and stall (like moving straight inboard).  Maybe the last guy put the VG's aft to keep the elevator streams moving aft at all times..  That would give the elevator more authority past stall and perhaps more lift at all other flight attitudes.  If you have access to a Go Pro camera you could get some pictures of all flight attitudes to see just how your particular flight surfaces are reacting.
I have thought of putting gates in front of the elevators and maybe on the elevators to make the airflow move more straight aft than inboard but have not done it yet.  And yes "excuses are like belly buttons,,,everybody has one.  So maybe I get "a round tuit" someday.
Bruce Crain 

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Hello everyone, as requested I will introduce my Q2.

It is serial #62 and was completed in 1984. It's been a bit of a hangar queen in that it only has 180 hrs on it. I am the third owner, the builder was David Lamoureux and I bought it off Norm Klassen in 2016. Norm only flew it around the area and I wanted to do a lot more with it, so I did a lot of work. I rebuilt the engine, installed new avionics, did a wheel alignment, and countless other things. Ultimately I'd only feel comfortable with it once I inspected and/or improved every little thing. I've flown it 3.6 hour last year and 0.4 this year as a result of some continued engine issues, but I'm fairly confident I've got it mostly sorted out (we shall see...).

All that work too way longer than I ever expected but I do have a young family at home (baby and a toddler), so there's not a lot of spare time to go around. It did allow me to go slow and steady though and I was able to read almost all of the Quicktalk and Q-talk archives. I've read a bunch of the old Yahoo groups material as well but haven't made it through all of it. As mentioned, I'm a former military helicopter pilot, and after a couple tours in Afghanistan, I knew it was time to go. I actually bought the Q2 with some of my severance money! By the time I was ready to fly the Q2, I had 20 hours of Q2 taxi time, 30 hours in a Citabria and 5 hours in a Vans RV6. I'd have to admit that I was plenty nervous for that first flight but in the end it was as docile as either of the other taildraggers I've flown (thanks to the wheel alignment and some other work I did on the tailwheel).

I included some before and after pictures. The airplane is white and yellow but I intend to paint it all white at some point. The avionics are a work in progress, I know a glass panel is more efficient but I just love the round gauges! I'm sure I'll add more functionality as I see the need though.

Glad to meet you all!

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