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I had VG’s root to tip. I tried to avoid them but got tired of moisture affects. They did not slow me down and do not add profile drag at 50% chord.

I have not flown the replacement canard and have not put them on yet.

On Thursday, September 30, 2021, 6:25 PM, smeshno1@... wrote: you have your generators root to tip? Chris..I too have the GU canard so I am questioning only in order to know the minimum limits.

 Something the John Roncz said to me one day kinda stuck in my mind.. he was explaining the doo dads we would have to install on Starship and of course if you look on the delivered aircraft they have vortex generators and later.. fences.

  John was talking to several of us in Department 123 (Starship R&D, Beech Field Plant 4) and who were also builders of various Rutan based designs (I had a Cozy, first generation), John Bingham had a Q1 in build at the time and two other Engineering fellows had Long-eze's. We were off to the side where the conversations were between us and not the rest for the crew..who had no particular interest in anything aviation except to be paid each week. 

 Anyway..John told us that Starship really did not need as many generators as we were instructed to install by Raytheon Aerodynamics..that they were actually adding drag and he was wanting to do flight testing to determine the correct minimum required.

  Raytheon suits shut him down on that idea due to wanting to certify asap..  The other factor he brought up, and it was a valid one, is biz aircraft have to fly in ice and bad weather. The generators make excellent ice collectors!! One can see where this is going. He was REALLY worried that the aircraft would simply stop aviating..turning into a kamakazi ice tree.   

 The aircraft had "weeping" titanium leading cost a fortune to shoot micro holes in them with a laser drill.. Heated leading edges were considered not a good idea on a fully composite aircraft. That antifreeze shit didn't work very well either..imagine chunks of antifreezed ice popping off the leading edges right into the 4 bladed fans aft of the wings!!  The PT6A's don't like eating ice either but at least they could deal with it.  

 I once told Robert Sheerer who owns NC53 to stay well clear of any lightening and NEVER fly in icing.

 Just wondering how few we can fly with.


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 This is how mine are. The airplane is a Dragonfly, but the airfoil is
GU. ----------- Chris

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