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Additional to my last note, see page 10-5. The aft “elevator slot cores” are also removed along the line 33-F-G-H-I-32 for the remainder of the canard beyond the center section, but only AFTER laying up the elevator slots with one BID at plus/minus 45°. This yields a 78” long piece that will be re-attached to the aft edge of the canard after the canard is glassed. Glassing the canard before reattaching this piece creates a shear web from tip to tip just ahead of the trailing edge (hinge line) of the canard. Re-attaching the “elevator slot cores” establishes the aerodynamic fairing of the canard to the elevators outboard of the fuselage, but is not needed internal to the fuselage.






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Hello Q-Groupe,

we are just about to cut the canard out of the foam. What is not clear to me at the moment is why the separation of the rear segments in the middle segment has to take place along line 33-F-G-H-32? For the part of the middle segment where it is connected to the fuselage it is clear, but beyond that? Attached is an excerpt.  The page in the Plans ist 5 - 2. 


Is it correct that the width of the middle segment is 42"? 

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