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David, thank you for taking time to throughly explain the process. 


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Read the plans as though the following image is a single page. The first paragraph shown here refers to the LAST drawing shown here and a drawing not shown here that is at the bottom of page 5-3; by use of the word “faced” the authors mean the 1.2” dimension that causes the blocks to become parallelograms in top view. This paragraph also refers to the outboard canard cores that are shown on page 5-4 (not shown here).


You ask: “Is it correct that the width of the middle segment is 42"?” The answer is “NO.” The second paragraph shown here refers to the FIRST drawing shown here. This is the center section and is only 20” span (width).


These blocks are all made from 7” x 14” x 41” blocks that were supplied in the kit; there are extra lines on all these drawings that indicate the joints where blocks need to be glued together to achieve the needed block size before hot-wiring. If you are using source blocks of different sizes, your joint lines may differ, but I point this out to help eliminate the confusion that may be caused by these lines.


The third paragraph shown here has no associated drawing. The cut line 20-A-B-C-D-E-23 is shown on the hot-wire templates and should be self-explanatory.


The fourth paragraph shown here refers to additional drawings (not shown here) that appear on page 5-3.


Finally, the cut line 33-F-G-H-I-32 removes the aft part of the canard center section that will be contained entirely within the fuselage. The templates are the same as are used for the portions of the canard outboard of the fuselage thus requiring this aft part for aerodynamic and structural support of the elevators, but within the fuselage this part is not only not required but would interfere with the elevator control torque tubes if retained, so is cut off along the 33-F-G-H-I-32 line.




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Hello Q-Groupe,

we are just about to cut the canard out of the foam. What is not clear to me at the moment is why the separation of the rear segments in the middle segment has to take place along line 33-F-G-H-32? For the part of the middle segment where it is connected to the fuselage it is clear, but beyond that? Attached is an excerpt.  The page in the Plans ist 5 - 2. 


Is it correct that the width of the middle segment is 42"? 

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