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Jay Scheevel

I appreciate that point of view, Jim. I probably will do this less frequently once I know how things are wearing (like next year). When I do pull the engine, I take it off with the engine mount attached. All of the wiring to the engine remains intact and everything unplugs from the firewall. This is why it doesn’t take me long to remove and remount it. For now I am content with having a good look at things. For example, some things are impossible to see with the engine attached, such as the condition of rotor and distributor electrodes. Just too tight back there. A couple of hours of additional time on the annual is not a big commitment to be thorough.


Sometime, I hope you will get to see my installation. Perhaps I will make a trip your direction this fall.





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I continually monitor everything visually and check  the necessary torques and clearances as required but rarely have to pull the engine. You don’t pull your car engine every time you tune it .


Since you don’t have a lot of time on your engine, maybe you should pull it this time, check everything and skip removal on the next annual. It’s just your ass in the seat and you know about that stuff. 


Make it a Great  Day. 



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Good point, Charlie. But I am not doing any fixing, just looking thoroughly and doing the necessary wear checking. My installation is a one-off, so I treat it like a prototype with respect to inspections.





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Learned in England classified for 30 years, airlines learned again in the 70’s.


If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!



But if it is a 30 year old oil line replace it!




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I am into my annual this month. I have set up my engine so that it takes about 1 hour to remove and same to put it back on. I have removed it for 2 of my 3 annuals so far. I generally ask myself why I am doing this as I am removing it, but once I get it off, I feel much better about it, because I can get a really good look at everything on the back of the engine, thus a thorough inspection.


For some of you that saw my plane with the engine in place, here is what the firewall looks like without the engine.



Jay  Tri-Q2 N8WQ 190 hours.

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