Re: Vortex Generators (VGs) on the GU Canard

Jay Scheevel

Thanks for the “eye-witness” account, Keith. Observations are worth their weight in gold!





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Hi Brent,


If interested I can send a photo of the template I made for applying the VG'S on my Quickie GU which skipped

every other pair and took into account the sweep of the Quickie canard by having the VG's straight with the air flow. 

In regards to the question of the difference in the angles, that took into account the sweep of the canard.

The VG's must be angled straight with the air flow which is why one is angled different from the other.


The alternate spacing was tested in rain and performed perfectly with no trim change needed.

That test came kinda unexpectedly when I was flying half way back to Davenport with Terry one weekend when he flew his

Quickie to Terre Haute for something some time in the mid to late 90's.  On the way we ran into some popcorn thunderstorms

operating in the Champaign, IL area and decided to try em out thinking skirting the storms was safe enough if I needed to

get back to clean air quickly.  Like I said, they performed perfectly and the rest is history.


I might add that the VG's made an immediate difference on takeoff as he canard began to fly very quickly as compared to before.

That took some getting used to.


If you would like a copy I will need to get to the airport first to get it.

Thanks, Keith

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That’s some great info Michael, thank you. The original instructions were very specific, I wonder why they specified placing the VG’s at two different angles? Maybe each set would be more effective at a slightly different airspeed? I don’t recall seeing that on any other aircraft.

It appears that my somewhat aft-looking VG’s might actually be fairly close to the placement as prescribed by QAC, whether that is actually the optimum placing anymore is the question.



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