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Frankenbird Vern

I will open/save to my Q build folder at the Lazy B on Monday at lunchtime. Been working on Tanker this time around (I call it the Wanker but then again I'm just an old gentleman pig now). The factory is a mess. Half finished stuff everywhere! Gotta grin a bit cause..kinda looks like my shop at home only on steroids!! Right now I'm at my boyhood "dream of flying" airport in Arlington Washington (I went to Junior High here). Mostly cloudy..broken overcast..a 10 to 15 breeze from the South but NOT raining as it has been for the last week or so. I don't see any Q's or Dragonfly types on the ramp but the ol C-47 is still here. Thank you Keith..I'm going to make my VG from flexible unobtainium and anodize them for good measure. Same as I got to see in Enid how Jay did his spinner.  Sparkly.. very sparkly. 

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Hi Vern,
Thanks for showing interest in what I have regarding the Vortex Generators.
The VG's are also discussed in the Q-tour that I did.
I apologize that the template looks kinda crummy but it's been used off an on for 26 years now.
A couple things are attached. 
One is a group of photos of the placement and the requested dimension of the template that I made a loooong time ago. 
The last photo shows a cross section of one of the VG's showing a slight curve in the base which allowed them to set very nicely on the canard.
The second is all the info I had received from CCI.  I included the first page just to show that everyone goes through tough times from time to time.
His template drawing, which is on 8.5 x 11 paper, is what was used as a starting point for the template I ended up with, just angled a bit different.
I might add that the application adhesives recommended have changed over the years as you will notice as you read the instructions.
I've seen VG's similar to these in Aircraft Spruce's catalogue but I'm sure there are other outlets.
Maybe there is something you can draw from all this but that is what was going on in 1995.
Thanks for the interest.

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