Re: Revmaster damage report

Raphael SF Zvetkoff

If it was the wrist pin keeper it's surprising the cylinder wall doesn't have deep scoring and didn't squeal as it wore a grove on the cylinder wall.  It would have been smoking like crazy.  The bolt sounds more plausible.

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That's funny the sticks of Oklahoma almost any airplane is a UFO! Per Capita median income in the County the town of Pawhuska is located is less than 18k a year. One reason I moved to rural eastern Oklahoma. My SSA goes a lot farther than it did in Taos. 

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Just WOW!  That's crazy Dave!  😲

I hope you find the piston pin in the sump so we can see what it looks like. However; I bet some kid in Oklahoma is running around with it telling his friends that a UFO dropped it when it flew over... 😉

Jon Finley
Somewhere in the Southwest flying an RV-4

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