Re: Forward slide canopy

Jim Patillo

 Good evening Nick,

My canopy design works well and is solid. I suspect the one you referenced used thin 1/8” aluminum stock and was flimsy,  which made opening and closing the canopy feel awkward. 

I originally had the “ turtle deck”  like most Q’s have. Then tried the slider you mentioned. IMO
the slider looked and felt like it didn’t belong on an airplane but in a cabinet. 

The reason I came up with this  was: 1. It gets real hot here in the Central Valley of California and straight thru airflow works great, 2. The canopy can’t be ripped off on the groundwith high winds and 3. I have a quick release canopy in that the canopy can be completely off in seconds. I used 1/4”x12” aluminum stock to make the 4 parallelogram pivoting arms. You simply lift and push forward to operate. The whole thing is simple and easy to fab. For what it’s worth. 

N46JP Q200
1,800 + hours 

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A few people some years ago put in slides as you describe,Nick. They still require a small version of the swing over arms in order to have clearance for the slides. I think that they never really caught on because they were easy to get misaligned and bent. Too many moving parts. I suggest sticking with a proven design. My 2 cents.


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I have plans for a forward slide (using drawer slides) for the Q bird. My airplane originally had the same installation shown in your picture. Wasn't very sturdy.

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