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Richard Thomson

Well done Chris. Do all Q pilots have a cranked neck ?

    Rich T.

On 19/10/2021 01:47, Chris Walterson wrote:
Managed to get the first flight in in the Q with the Subaru. I got all the paperwork last week , but the weather didn't cooperate until this morning.  There was frost on the ground , but it soon melted and it was time for a flight.

 Because of the years flying the Dragonfly it wasn't that difficult.  I did have to reflex the ailerons up on takeoff to get the canard to fly.

 I think a few more pounds on the tail wheel may be in order.

 All my temps were very good with the ugly rad mount. I have a custom fiberglass rad cowl I made and I will install that and see if the cooling remains the same and if the speed increases. I notice that a few of the Q builders use blankets and foam for a seat. I am 5ft 10 and the headsets will hit the canopy if I use more than an inch of foam. Still comfortable.

 As for speeds, I cruised at 150 mph indicated and 3,000 rpm. Max rpm with the setup i am using.  I need way more rpm to see the hp potential so I will change my Warp drive prop to finer pitch and try again. 3,500 is a good cruise rpm  and I can use boost to see 4,000 plus [ showing off]

 I was up for an hr and it is more responsive in the ailerons than my Dragonfly. I did some slow flight and got it down to 75 mph.

 I was very surprised that it flew almost hands off, and I only have to increase the  spring tension in my elevator trim. Very nice.

 I will have to get used to the faster than I am used to landing speed and the almost three point landing it does.

 I had a friend that flew in with his RV7 and he landed when I was in the air so he managed to take a few pictures.

 I try to do my testing with only the airport workers knowing what I am up to. I even ask my wife, who is also a pilot to stay home.

I find it nice to be able to focus and fly only if you want to.

 So after that my friend and I went for breakfast and  then he headed home.

 The weather was still nice and I was looking at my new Seahawker sitting in the hanger. I had all the paperwork for that so out it came.

 I had taxied it a lot and was finally used to contolling a tricycle gear. Told the airport staff of my intentions and away I went.

 Quite a bit different than I am used to.  Because of the pusher configuration you need to power it on to the runway.

The engine ran perfect, but I need to give more pitch to the prop to use the HP. When the gear is down in the air, it is a bit squirrely, but I think I am not using enough authority on the rudder pedals.

 All in all, any day you can reuse the airplane is a 'Good Day"

My wife was downloading the pictures and she commented on the fact that I dress like I am  homeless. I'm not. These are my lucky test flying clothes. The weather is about to turn crappy in the north, so I am hoping to get a few more flights in before the snow.

 Thanks for all the input from the group. Building the airplane wasn't easy, but because of you guys in the group it wasn't hard.

Take care---------  Chris Walterson Flying Q 200 Subaru C-GVOI

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