Re: Finally

Chris Walterson

Thanks for the encouragment guys.

 Went to the airport this morning and set the prop pitch from 14.5 to 12.5.  Filled it with about 7 in the main plus the header. Reflexed the aileron up a bit for takeoff and hit the throttle. Got in the air quickly and stayed in ground affect and then climbed out at 110 indicated.

 Had about 5 lbs boost and climbed at 1500 fpm at around 1,000 lbs. My speed ended up being 160 indicated at 3150 rpm. I still need a bit finer, but I will stay with this for now.  Once I fly some more I will set the prop to give me 3500 rpm with the waste gate off and 4,000 plus with boost. I think my prop is a 56 inch three blade warp drive ground adjustable.

 If it is nice again tomorrow I will install my rad cowl and see if I still get the right amount of cooling and hopefully a bit more speed.

 I find the reflexor very sensitive. Tomorrow I am also going to bring my digital smart level and lay it on the passenger consol to see if I am close to the water line with my rigging.

Livin the dream-------------  Chris

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