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No problem, Mike. Just wanted to keep the rookies in the clear. I haven't
mastered the "Lumchevak", "Checkoslavak" (or how ever you spell it) myself.
I am getting a little Christian Eagle time. Wouldn't even think of something
like that in a Q. I know only one truly insane test pilot type who HAS done
a tail slide in a Q-200, but it scared him so bad he refuses even minor acro
in a Q now. The thought the good olde FAA considers a 90 degree bank acro!

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Of course, you are right.....I was just looking at the Friendly Aviation
Ass'n def of aero. Still trying to figure out how to snap roll a
Q.....KIDDING...cheeze. I would feel bad if sombody thought they could do

one of those unspellable manuvers that starts with an "L".


PS My laptop is still SNAFU. Borrowing

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